Required Experience:
Game Master:
Walter Croft
4 hrs
Start Times:
Thu 8:00 PM

A magical sword is in the possession of an evil king at the Castle of the Kite, a fortress in western Cambria. The king is reputed to use evil magic to maintain his youth, though no one knows what kind of magic specifically. Whoever gets the sword would benefit greatly, and the world would be a better place without this vile king.

This scenario is set in the wilds of Cambria, during the reign of King Arthur after the founding of the Round Table, during the Romance or Tournament Periods, for those who are interested in how it fits into the Arthurian lore.

Come and experience Pendragon, the premier fantasy roleplaying game that brings the extraordinary world of Arthurian chivalry, magic, and romance to life, with you playing one of the knights of the realm. Will you gain glory to enrich your family and your lord and participate in the wondrous events of the most famous king of fiction? 

All players are welcome regardless of gaming experience. Pregenerated player knights & ladies (characters) will be provided. Up to 6 players may participate.

Game System: Pendragon 6th edition RPG

Adventure title: "The Quest for the Red Blade” 

Number of players: 4-6

Age: 12+

Duration: 4 hours

Game system experience: None required

Game system complexity: Basic

Content warnings: Fantasy violence, hunting animals, strong religious passions.

Safety tools used: Deck of Player Safety, Lines and Veils,