Running Games at Dragon Con

How do I volunteer for Dragon Con Gaming? How can I run my own games as a scheduled event?
Volunteering is simple, just contact the director of the appropriate area, as listed on our Contacts page.

To run your own game as a scheduled event, you either submit it via the "Submit Event" button on the Gaming web site, if the event submission deadline has not passed, OR you contact the appropriate director.
Does running games at Dragon Con count as volunteer hours? What perks are offered for running games at Dragon Con?
Yes, running games for Dragon Con counts as volunteer hours. Thus, if you run games for 25 hrs., you will earn a free show membership.

As to other perks, there is not a standard set, but some areas offer such things as free gaming tickets (within reason). Contact the appropriate Gaming Director for more information.

Playing Games at Dragon Con

You might also want to take a look at the At The Show section; you might find your answers there.
How much does gaming cost at Dragon Con?
The costs for gaming at Dragon Con vary depending on exactly which events you are interested in. Most non-tournament events generally require a $5 ticket, while tournaments, especially Card Game tournaments, may cost $10, $20, or more if you are required to purchase playing materials. Specific prices are noted in the event descriptions, which will be posted on the Gaming website sometime in July, if not earlier.
Can I organize a pickup game and play it in Dragon Con's Gaming area? Is there an Open Gaming area? Can I reserve a table?
We love when other Dragon Con attendees love Gaming enough to play their own games at the show. So, yes, please do that!

If you do that, there are a couple of rules we ask you to follow:
  • Check with whoever's in charge of the space before sitting down at a table. There is no Open Gaming area and definitely no unallocated space. It's no fun if the space you sit down in is scheduled for something else and you have to move in the middle of your game.
  • Campsite Rule: Restore the tables and chairs to how they were arranged when you arrived. Clear the table, and throw out your table's trash.

Unfortunatly, it is not possible to reserve a table. A great way to reserve a table is volunteering to run a scheduled game. If interested, just contact the director of the appropriate area, as listed on our Contacts page.

Pre-Registration and Paying for Games

How do I pre-register for Gaming events?
Online pre-registration is not yet open, as we have not determined our event roster.

At The Show

Where do I pick up my purchased tickets at the show? What do I need to bring to pick up my purchased tickets?
All pre-registered event tickets are available at Gaming Registration. You must have your convention badge. If you are a Gaming volunteer working 25 hours or more, your area Director or Gaming Registration will have your badge, so you don't have to stand in line at Convention Registration.

We recommend that you bring a printed copy of your schedule and your relevant PayPal payments to the convention, just in case.
What credit cards does on-site Gaming Registration accept?
On-site Gaming Registration accepts Visa and MasterCard.
Where do I get my Dragon Con badge?
Your Dragon Con badge is available at Convention Registration.
If my event is sold out, is there a waiting list?
No, we do not offer a waiting list for events.