LIVE INVENTORY: We are updating this website as we sell tickets. Go to Search Events to find events and see if they have tickets available.

Dragon Con 2021 Has Started

Dragon Con has started, and we hope you are as excited as we are. We hope to provide you with an entertaining and stress-free gaming experience. Below is some important information about gaming and onsite gaming registration.

How To Pick Up Your Pre-registered Tickets

  1. Get your Dragon Con badge at main registration, which is in the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.
  2. Go to the America’s Mart, Building 1. Gaming Registration will be on the 2nd floor, in the south side of the East Hall.
  3. Your tickets will be available at the line for pre-registration pick-up. See below for hours of operation.

Once you have your tickets, come back at the time of your game and go to the location printed on your ticket.

On-site Gaming Registration

You will be able to make schedule changes or receive refunds onsite at Gaming Registration.

Find events using Search Events, which will also show the tickets available at that time.

Gaming Registration is in America’s Mart, Building 1. It is on the 2nd floor, in the south side of the East Hall.

Gaming Registration schedule:

DragonCon Virtual 2021

Non-Campaign RPGs

All Non-Campaign RPG Virtual games will be held on the main DragonCon Discord. If you check the individual event descriptions you will see the specific channel. There are openings available, but since registration is closed just head to the channel mentioned in the Event Description. If you have a question about Non-Campaign Virtual events you can either post in the text channel for the event or in the non-campaign-general channel.

Campaign RPGs

If you are looking to play virtual/online games of Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League or Pathfinder Society/Starfinder Society, you can register for the Virtual content via Table Top Events: DragonCon Virtual 2021.

If you are looking for any in-person Pathfinder Society or Starfinder Society games, the Paizo convention team has decided to only host Virtual events this year, due to travel issues and health concerns. There will be no on-site Pathfinder Society or Starfinder Society events this year, but we hope to welcome them back next year.