Required Experience:
Game Master:
Steve Albertson (Dragon Warrior)
4 hrs
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM
You’re recruited by a secret society to infiltrate the grand opening ceremony of the New Colosseum, a tasteless theme park built in and around the original Colosseum. Billionaire scoundrel artist and owner of the New Colosseum, Crassus Kapoor, has pilfered holy sites from around the world to build his grim epcot catacombs in the hypogeum beneath the Colosseum. His hubris causes the blood of 400,000 deaths to rise as undead graveyard elementals and murder the crowd. You can stop the mayhem by locating the four pieces of The Seal and return them to their shrine rooms in the labyrinth of the hypogeum!

Your dark guide for this adventure will be Epic Levels Mad Dungeon podcast host Steve Albertson (Dragon Warrior) and he'll be joined by co-host Andrew Bellury (Tiger Wizard). The Epic Levels Mad Dungeon podcast is where D&D hip hop group Epic Levels and a guest create a system-neutral, playable one-page adventure map using improv, comedy, and lifetimes of roleplaying games.

Mystic Punks Tabletop RPG: You're known as a social misfit in your hometown, and you seem to be an unlikely protector for anyone other than yourself. Yet, the noticeable increase in supernatural activity, hidden to most, beckons you to investigate these lurking eldritch horrors.

Based on the solo Mystic Punks RPG, Mystic Punks Tabletop RPG invites you and your friends to delve deeper into occult mysteries and explore beyond Star Valley High School. Created by Anthony Meloro and Jay Domingo, the quick start rules are available now at Exalted Funeral before the full game releases.

This adventure is based on the Mad Dungeon podcast episode 16 with guest Alyssa Faden, a professional cartographer and GenCon panelist since 2012. She’s best known for her incredible cityscapes and stunning details. Her clientele includes Monte Cook Games, Kobold Press, Profantasy Software, Gygax Magazine, Golden Goblin Press, Troll Lord Games, and Frog God Games.

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