Event Submission for Gaming at Dragon Con is open!

If you wish to run a game at the show, please go to our Submit Event page.

If you have questions about what events are best, how events are chosen, or any other event submission-related issue, contact the director responsible for the kind of game you wish to run, as listed on the Contacts page.

Volunteering for Gaming at Dragon Con 2024

Several areas of Dragon Con Gaming depend on volunteers like you to make the fun happen! If you might be interested in volunteering, please do either or both of:

Thanks in advance!

Other dates

Event signup will likely open in early July, but we cannot be more specific. Other dates or deadlines are unknown at this time. As we know more, we will make updates here. We will also post the changes to the gaming-announcements channel in the Dragon Con Discord: https://discord.gg/dragoncon

If have questions not addressed above, please reach out to the relevant person listed on our Contacts page.