Required Experience:
Game Master:
Chad Brown
4 hrs
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM

“Welcome, I am Friend AI-X3752, designed to serve all of the needs for the humans at Alpha Complex.  As troubleshooters, you are already special and unique.  But you are about to embark on a mission that will benefit all of the humans of Alpha Complex.  This mission will set you apart from other security clearance level RED troubleshooters.  Those that serve me with distinction may be selected for higher security clearance levels.  All praise the opportunities that Friend AI-X3752 provides for you.”

You have been called to serve as part of a team of troubleshooters. Your mission will benefit all of Alpha Complex, but it will only benefit you if you return alive. Dangerous factions with distinctly different visions for the future of Alpha Complex play a deadly game of intrigue and secret alliances as the battle for dominance. Can your teammates be trusted? Who is with you? And who is against you? This is Paranoia.