Required Experience:
Game Master:
Thomas E Thomas
4 hrs
Mart Building 3, Floor 1
Start Times:
Fri 1:30 PM
It's 1946. Deep in the heart of Nazi Germany the brave Allies are fighting hard to finally put an end to the baleful regime. Unfortunately, the mechanical machinations of the dread Dr. Nibelung have given the dying "1000-year Reich" a new lease on life. In the countryside surrounding Berlin, advancing US Assault Infantry and armored support go toe-to-toe with German late-war heavy equipment…...some familiar, some not! Do these "wunderwaffe" represent a chance for German victory or just a cruel and bloody delay of their inevitable defeat? It's up to you to decide! Fame & Glory hosts this weird war game using 1/48th scale models both historical and fantastical and a streamlined ruleset combining elements of “Command Decision” and “Battleground” for a balanced blend of tactical and strategic choice. Up to 8 players can join in the action.