Required Experience:
Game Master:
Rob Moore
6 hrs
Mart Building 3, Floor 1
Start Times:
Sat 11:00 AM
Operation Athena Rises
Terra April 19th 3151
Southwest of James Bay

Three Regiments of Wolfs Dragoons were ordered to attack the Jade Falcons north most flank while the Wolfs in Exile were ordered to attack from the southeast. As the Dragoons begin their attack, they are opposed by one of the Jade Falcons most elite units, Delta Galaxy. Can you as the Dragoon player destroy Delta Galaxy and push further into the Jade Falcon’s lines and deny them the chance to become the Ilclan and avoid plunging the entire Inner Sphere into a realm of Darkness? Can you as the Jade Falcon player destroy these mercenary upstarts and claim your rightful place as the Ilclan and spread your manifest destiny across the stars ?