Required Experience:
Game Master:
Jeremy Steigerwald, Jonathan Thew, and Steve Resk
3 hrs 30 mins
Mart Building 3 Floor 1
Start Times:
Sun 7:30 PM
The annual Dragon*Con Championship tournament will commence!

This is Supershow: The Game, the unpredictable wrestling card game where all challengers are welcome to test their mettle.  The Main Event of the convention is a constructed tournament, so bring your own deck.  (The demos leading up to this and the events on the prior two nights can help with acquiring one!)  Swiss or bullet rounds into a top cut, based on the number of entrants.  

Top cut may have stipulations or multiplayer matches, all depending on circumstances!  Just like in actual professional wrestling, expect the unexpected.

Important note for veteran players: Spectacle cards are not permitted for use in this tournament.  Experienced Supershow players will be expected to be helpful to any newcomers and play with sportsmanship and class.  We're here to have fun!

The winner of the event will be the 2022 Dragon*Con Champion!