Required Experience:
Game Master:
Steve Marco
4 hrs
Start Times:
Sun 1:00 PM
It's Prom Night 2022. The seniors from the local high school are dressing up, renting their limos, and preparing to celebrate their impending graduation. Everything appears to be set for a memorable night.

Unknown to the celebrating students, there is a darkness hiding in the town. The excitement and energies of the town in vibrancy stirred it to life, and it seeks to prey on the helpless students and anyone who opposes its apocalyptic intentions. The monster seeks to bring chaos, and should it succeed, it will be the end for the entire town.

The danger was detected, and hunters have come to stop it. The hunters could be from out of town, or they could be locals... even some of the students who are at the prom.They meet on at the Prom and then seek to thwart the plan of the monster before its too late.

This game will leverage the Monster of the Week game system (Powered by the Apocalypse). Character sheets will be provided, and no experience is necessary.