Required Experience:
Game Master:
Thomas E Thomas
4 hrs
Mart Building 3, Floor 1
Start Times:
Sun 1:30 PM

Ill rituals have been performed in the dark caverns below Mortanius IV, where crystals hum with dubious power, and wicked sigils glow with unnatural brightness. Who could be the perpetrators of such heretical foulness? Could they be the malicious demagogues of Chaos? Could they be ravenous erudites, seeking to learn the truths that the Imperium does not permit knowledge of? Could they perhaps be naught but the usual young punks and edge-lords, reaping vengeance upon the oppressive rule of their authoritarian parents? It matters not. The Space Marines have been alerted, and shall turn all the inhabitants of Mortanius IV to bloody paste to snuff out even the chance of heresy. What follows will be a battle of fire and maneuver at the company level, using as-of-yet unnamed experimental rules built for fast-play dystopian combat with just a hint of military realism.