Required Experience:
Game Master:
Jonathan Miller
6 hrs
Mart Building 3, Floor 1
Start Times:
Sun 7:00 PM

Battle to win a Clan blood name (sort of). There will be five rounds of play based on the number of players. The winner of the Grand melee makes it to the first round. This will be a single elimination tournament. The players will pick from the provided mechs and sheets. First round will be lights. Second round will be mediums. Third will be heavies. Fourth round will be assaults. The last round will be what you want to play. Battle value will decide gunnery and piloting on a modified table for each round. Pilot damage can transfer to each round based on the damage from the last round. Player will be able to keep the mech from each round. Prizes for the players that make it to the 4th & 5th. Level 2 rules.