Required Experience:
Game Master:
Sam Levine
6 hrs
Start Times:
Sat 7:00 PM, Sun 7:00 PM, Mon 7:00 PM
To all the Prodigals of the World of Darkness, willing to challenge the Wyrm of Covid, we at After the Sun Sets Games call on you to join us at Dragoncon on September, the third, fourth, and fifth, for the three nights of Dark Ages World of Darkness gameplay. In the lands of England, in the year 1068, the battle between the forces of William the Conqueror and Gytha Thorkelsd√≥ttir, the mother of the late Harold Godwinson, the last crowned Anglo-Saxon king of England. Vampires, Fera, Changelings, and a few Dark Ages Mages will have to choose sides and battle for the lands of England. Prince Dio, the Roman vampire controls the Normans from behind the veil of night. Who will still be standing come the Battle for the Stronghold of Exeter.  For Game info and intro please see