Required Experience:
Game Master:
Jonathan Thew and Jeremy Steigerwald
3 hrs 30 mins
Mart Bldg 1
Start Times:
Fri 7:30 PM
The six champions of the solar system:
  • Mercury.  The unpredictable technical wizard.
  • Venus.  The unstoppable mistress of the skies.
  • Terra.  The defender and renewer of humanity.
  • Mars.  Raw power incarnate.
  • Jupiter.  The relentless giant.
  • Neptune.  The king of consequences. 

These are the Cosmic Crusaders.  Their mission is to defend our solar system.  And on the horizon lies a dark and mysterious threat.  Already, Saturn has been thrown out of the ring, Uranus has been kicked aside, Pluto has entered Witness Protection, and Ceres just isn't ready.  The Cosmic Crusaders must decide who is the champion of champions, to take the fight to their enemies before it is too late! And there is only one place to do that...

...the wrestling ring!

This is Supershow: The Game, the unpredictable wrestling card game where all challengers are welcome to test their mettle.  For a $20 entry fee, you will draft one of the six Cosmic Crusaders structure decks, and guide your chosen Champion against the rest in bullet rounds for two hours.  At the end of that period, the four Crusaders (with diversity enabled; no duplicates in top cut) will face off until there is one winner.

And then that champion must do battle against the looming threat, with the fate of the solar system at stake!  (No pressure.)

This is a new-player friendly event; Cosmic Crusader decks are designed to be simple for new players, while still possessing powerful effects.  Experienced Supershow players will be expected to be helpful to any newcomers and play with sportsmanship and class.  We're here to have fun!  (Also save the solar system, it's kind of important, that's where we keep our stuff.)