Required Experience:
Game Master:
Steve Albertson / Dragon Warrior
4 hrs
Start Times:
Sat 1:00 PM
Mystic punks bop across dimensions to stop a multiverse ending cosmic horror with slap bracelets!

The floor is lava on an interdimensional scale! Stellar slap bracelets blast down from space and onto the the mystic punks' wrists, choosing them as Dimension Boppers (DBs). Hologram teen Stacie Stardust emerges from a bracelet to warn them of Silliw E’curb, harbinger of a cosmic world eating horror. The DBs have to travel across dimensions until they're able to bind Silliw with the slap bracelets and syphon its power. The vibe is 
Jem and the Holograms meets Stargate. Players get a free poster map of the adventure and other themed goodies.

Mystic Punks Tabletop RPG: known as a social misfit in your hometown, you seem to be an unlikely protector for anyone other than yourself. Yet, the noticeable increase in supernatural activity, blind to most, beckons you to investigate these lurking eldritch horrors. Based on the solo Mystic Punks RPG, Mystic Punks Tabletop RPG invites you and your friends to delve deeper into occult mysteries and explore beyond Star Valley High School. Created by Anthony Meloro and Jay Domingo, the quick start rules are available now at Exalted Funeral before the full game releases.

Your dark guide for this adventure will be Epic Levels Mad Dungeon podcast host Steve Albertson (Dragon Warrior) and he'll be joined by co-host Andrew Bellury (Tiger Wizard). The Epic Levels Mad Dungeon podcast is where D&D hip hop group Epic Levels and a guest create a system-neutral, playable one-page adventure map using improv, comedy, and lifetimes of roleplaying games.

This adventure is based on episode 7 with guest Winston Ward, editor of Infinite Worlds Magazine, the world’s best science fiction magazine. Progressive and inclusive with a mind for science and reason and a semi-retro punk/metal aesthetic. Each issue is 60+ full-color, ad-free pages of original stories, mind-blowing art, cutting-edge comics, and exclusive interviews.

Listen to Epic Levels full length album Armor Classy on Spotify.