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Chock-full o'Fun!
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Gaming Contacts
Senior Director Dave Cody (gaming@dragoncon.org)
Gaming Registration Shy Aberman (gamingregistration@dragoncon.org)
Campaign Role-Playing Games Brooks Banks (campaignrpgs@dragoncon.org)
Non-Campaign Role-Playing Games Mark Liberman (noncampaignrpgs@dragoncon.org)
Board Games Phil Collins (boardgames@dragoncon.org)
Card Games Jim Colson (cardgames@dragoncon.org)
Digital Games Gail Reese (computergaming@dragoncon.org)
LARP Liaison Wayne Melnick (larps@dragoncon.org)
Miniature Games Steve McFarland (miniatures@dragoncon.org)
Game Programming Rucht Lilavivat (gameprogramming@dragoncon.org)
MMORPGs Fan Track Kevin Stallard (mmorpgs@dragoncon.org)
Video Gaming Julianne and Mike Capps (videogaming@dragoncon.org)



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