Dragon Con: Sep. 4 - Sep. 7, 2015.




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Dragon Con 2015 is in the works!

The gaming staff has started getting ready for the next Dragon Con, and we need your help to make it great! Several areas of Gaming depend on volunteers like you to run the games you enjoy to play. If you might be interested in running a game, please start giving it serious thought.

If you have questions about volunteering to run gaming events, please contact the appropriate director listed on the contact page.

Information and any additional dates will be posted here as they are determined.


Gaming Announcements List

There is a Dragon Con Gaming announcement list, where significant information will be posted. This includes the opening of pre-registration, deadlines, major schedule changes, and so on. It is moderated and announcement-only (extremely low-traffic). To join, click here.


If you have any general or registration-related questions please contact me.

Shy Aberman
Director of Gaming Registration
Dragon Con 2015




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