Required Experience:
Game Master:
Chris Tang
12 hrs
Start Times:
Fri 11:00 AM, Sat 11:00 AM, Sun 11:00 AM

Come play the Alternate Reality Game of digging deep into the code of the lost trove of the internet. Photo scavenger hunt to explore the world of After the End.

In the fallen post-apocalyptic world the remains of the internet “Lattice” have pieces of stray code available in some of the most hazardous deep diving places. You are a Code Miner, a worker who looks for odd and useful bits of code to bring back and get paid by the big bosses of Birmingham. Hopefully you can make your payday.

Code Miners is an Alternate Reality Game focused on a photo scavenger hunt. The game space will be everywhere in Dragon Con for the whole weekend climaxing on Sunday evening. While there will be some small flash mob type events, players can choose their level of participation for what will be the most fun for them.

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