Required Experience:
Game Master:
Zack Bolien
6 hrs
Start Times:
Sat 7:00 PM

This episode, the plucky survivors of the Fracture take the night off to hopefully hit the jackpot. But of course, no evening of luxury is ever safe in a place like this…

Fractured is a live-combat dark fantasy LARP in which you play a survivor of one of the many Prime worlds, trapped in the terrible orbit of the Fracture itself. In each world, cracks in reality have pulled beings of all types to this foreign celestial body, and over the years, the survivors have banded together to endure the hardship and trials of the Fracture. However, there are always those that seek destruction and carnage, and a hidden knife can be more dangerous than a bare fang. Fractured allows players to create a character with diverse skills, talents, and goals; will you be a survivor through compassion and community, or will you carve your name across the land in bloody conquest?

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