Required Experience:
Game Master:
John Nunn
7 hrs
Start Times:
Sun 7:00 PM

You are cordially invited to share an evening in the Teahouse of Unity, as the ailing Emperor's courtiers try to stave off a bloody war between Hell & the Empire.

Forest of Doors is a live-combat fantasy LARP in which you play a denizen of one of nine distinct homeworlds, or perhaps dozens of stranger shard worlds. In each of these worlds, magical gates appear, leading to the strange and unknown world of the Forest of Doors. In essence, Forest of Doors is a multi-genre game with a vast array of character possibilities. Our setting and rules system promote a game that is fundamentally heroic in nature, and character cooperation will be necessary for survival in this unknown--and dangerous--frontier.

This is a non-combat event that foreshadows the tone and stories to come in our live combat events during the next season. Find out more at!