Required Experience:
Game Master:
Thomas E. Thomas
3 hrs 54 mins
Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Fri 12:00 PM

Battle for the Iron Throne

Rules: A Game of Knights & Knaves  (DBA Variant), Figures Provided, Multiple rounds

Command a great house and win the Throne. Each player will choose one great house and then assemble a coalition of other houses to do battle for the Throne. A series of linked battles with new coalitions forming behind either the current king or latest pretender will determine the eventual winner. An ally in one game may be a mortal enemy in the next.

Each battle will be played out using A Game of Knights & Knaves , a quick play system of medieval war (similar to De Bellis Antiquitatis – DBA).  The game is easy to learn and beginners are welcome. Figures representing many great houses both fantistoricol and historical will be provided (or you can bring your own army in 28mm). Battles will take about 60 minutes to resolve and players can participate in as many battles as they wish.

GM: Thomas E. Thomas