Required Experience:
Game Master:
Ken Ditto
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM, Sat 1:00 PM, Sun 1:00 PM, Mon 9:00 AM

Beelzebob Barker, the Devil of the Deal, Arch-Imp of Information, is calling in his marker.  You made a deal with a devil and the debt is due.  Only you know why you did the deal.  You knew the price.  One task with no questions asked.  You enter the Tea Tree Tavern as requested, to accept your fate.  The Fellowship of the Marker begins their quest by meeting in an inn …     


Back for our 17th Year!  It’s time for the masters of Long-Tailed Hamster Kung-Fu to bring the beat down, as only the truly terrified can, through treacherous traps, murderous monsters, ridiculous riddles, and the pathetic puns that you have come to love!