Required Experience:
Game Master:
Ray Nothnagel
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Sat 6:00 PM, Sun 1:00 PM
 February 10, 2116 - It's been ten months since the first ancient artifacts were brought back from the world of Lemuria, and the artifact hunts have well and truly begun. The hot and hostile planet is worth enduring and exploring now, thanks to the massively valuable, wildly advanced artifacts to be found. 

Lemuria is a hostile world. The gravity is dangerously high for some species, while the outside temperature is brutally hot for others (humans included). Even in the cooler underground, the temperature is a toasty 31 C. The dangers go beyond the mundane:  tunnels beneath the surface of the planet are rumored to shift and change over time.

The Unification Charter has several Gray Rock class frigates in the area, ready to escort other vessels out of the system in the hopes of averting piracy, combat, and interplanetary incidents. Captain Wilson Molotnikov has ordered the UCS Digger's two shuttles down to the surface. 

The UCS Boundless-3 is a Blue Wind shuttle detachment of the UCS Digger, a Gray Rock frigate. The other shuttle, the Boundless-2, is deployed to the opposite side of the planet.