Required Experience:
Game Master:
Ray Nothnagel
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Sat 1:00 PM
 Just over half a century ago, the House of Moti, a large family from the world of Bactara, invaded and occupied Earth for 15 years; after kicking them off and establishing peaceful first contact with the Bactaran Republic, Earth set up an arrangement to trade mining rights in the Solar System's asteroid belt in exchange for some advanced Bactaran technologies. The EGF was bolstered as a patrolling force to keep an eye on the Bactaran miners. Over the following decades, however, it was learned that most of the Bactarans that had been sent to work the mines are, in fact, from the House of Moti. When this information came out, violence in the asteroid belt began to escalate, with many humans seeking revenge for the crimes committed during the occupation. 

After years of escalating tensions, a spark finally set off the powder keg. A riot on Ceres - a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt with a mixed Bactaran and human population - causes the EGF to send in more ships to keep the peace, including the frigate *Scythe*. A large mineral shipment is en route to Saturn (and then the warp bridge to Sirius, back to Bactaran space), and the United Earth Nations diplomats have ordered the EGF to hold the shipment at Ceres until the Bactaran Republic has recalled all the Moti back to their homeworld in exchange for other Bactarans.

Afterverse uses a d6-based system. See for quickstart rules.