Required Experience:
Game Master:
Ray Nothnagel
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Sat 9:00 AM
 For a generation, humans have been trading mining rights in the asteroid belt for the Bactarans' advanced technology required to traverse warp bridges and reach the stars. It's been 30 years since the occupation of Earth by the Bactarans ended, and while the trade environment has made things easier, humanity still hasn't forgotten the crimes. The Earth Guard Force (EGF) is tasked with keeping an eye on the Bactarans, as well as protecting their mines from raiders and pirates.

A week ago, a vessel was reported missing in the vicinity of a Bactaran mine on the small (6km wide) asteroid 951 Gaspra. Your ship, the EGF frigate *Scythe*, has been dispatched to investigate.

Afterverse uses a d6-based system. See for quickstart rules.