Required Experience:
Game Master:
Ray Nothnagel
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Fri 6:00 PM
 It has been six years since the Bactaran occupation of Earth came to an end. Bactaran journals and notes found after the end of the occupation implied that the Bactarans that had caused so much suffering on Earth were a splinter group, and the hope of establishing peaceful contact and possibly even trade routes with their civilization is paramount in the crew's mission. Navigation data gleaned from Bactaran charts leads the way to the Bactaran homeworld. Thus, Captain Mateo Garcia has been chosen to captain one of three vessels being dispatched to establish proper first contact with the Bactaran race. 

The trio of ships has launched and entered Saturn's orbit, near the singularity that leads to the warp bridge, the same wormhole the Bactaran invaders had come from twenty years before. To date, no human has returned from a trip through a warp bridge. The entire crew holds their breath as the ship falls into the gravity well of the singularity...

Afterverse uses a d6-based system. See for quickstart rules.