Required Experience:
Game Master:
Ray Nothnagel
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM
 March 16, 2058 - After eight years of alien occupation, the Union Underground is beginning to make the transition from organized crime to organized freedom fighters. Two Austin members (Nikki and Bo) and a probie (Spider) have come down to Puerto Asis, Colombia, to meet the Columbia chapter president (Mateo) and a member (Karina); Mateo has also brought two non-member allies, his driver Sergio and Luciana Sapatiero, a communications junkie with additional intel. 

The Austin chapter of the Underground has received word from the Colombian chapter that something major is going down, and going down soon. Three members have been smuggled to rendezvous with the Colombian underground to learn more about it and put a stop to it.

Afterverse uses a d6-based ruleset. See for quickstart rules.