Required Experience:
Game Master:
Stephen Thompson
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Fri 9:00 AM, Sat 6:00 PM, Sun 1:00 PM

A serrated tail punches through her chest, pinning your goddess to the floor of her temple. She struggles to lift her head, to shape words around wracking, bloody coughs. You swore you’d protect her. You were too late. The monster’s tail whips upward. Her body tears free, tumbles through the air, smashes wetly against stone, slides down a wall adorned with images of her beauty. The creature roars victoriously.

   Anger burns away reason. With a clenched fist, you thrust your spear skyward. Lament and fury unfurl in an ululating challenge of your own. An older priestess staggers forward, putting her bleeding form between you and the beast. She glares into its asymmetrical eyes, but her impatient, angry words are for you. “Stupid girl, there is no time! You serve in this life and the next. Survive. Find her. Go!”

   Anger falters before fragile hope. As the unarmed priestess charges the creature, you run. Somewhere in the Cauldron, beyond the temple walls, a newborn goddess awakens. Without protection, she could be devoured by the swamp - or worse, enslaved by the heretical cult behind her assassination.

 This is one of two stand-alone modules in an original dark fantasy setting, where a shared cast of epic heroes must be willing to sacrifice everything to safeguard not only themselves, but the outside world from the unending, mutated horrors spawned by the swamp's wild magic.

   No experience with the Fate system is necessary. Characters and dice provided.