Required Experience:
Game Master:
Stephen Thompson
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Fri 6:00 PM, Sat 1:00 PM, Sun 9:00 AM

     After a megalomaniacal, plot-mandated madman uses his gelatinous genius to nullify the world’s most effective superpowers, his costumed cohorts surf a calamitous crimewave from coast to coast. With all the big kahunas wiped out, we'll need a new level of gnarly to save the day!

     That’s where you come in: the local chapter of Awkward Superpowers Anonymous. No villain is crazy enough to waste time nullifying powers like yours, making you the only game in town. Grab your art journal and a therapy pet and jump in the van. We're taking group therapy on the road, and your therapist* is driving. Will you find the courage to share your powers with the world, or when the pressure's on, will performance anxiety doom humanity?

* GM not responsible for delusions brought on by character-player transference.

     Set your camp factor to eleven and customize your cripplingly awkward but awesome powers with a madlib-style character sheet. Were you bitten by a mutant kiwi? Born with elemental mastery of frozen yogurt? Or maybe you can transform into bubble-wrap? Don’t get embarrassed; we’re in this together! And - no pressure - you’re basically our only hope!

Madlib style character sheets, game materials, and unlicensed therapy will be provided. No experience with the FATE system is necessary.