Required Experience:
Game Master:
Mark Hendrix
4 hrs
Entrance at Mart Building 1, Floor 2, West
Start Times:
Sat 6:00 PM

On day 91 of the invasion of our reality by the High Lord Baruk Kaah and his “Living Land” (as it has been coined), Core Earth suffered a major defeat.  Baruk Kaah invoked a major miracle of his reality causing a massive 9.2 earthquake destroying much of Seattle and the surrounding region.  This effectively destroyed the hardpoint in the city which had been a major base for the resistance in the region.  The Delphi Council knows that this tore through what was left of humanity and the region was lost, but now word has filtered in regarding forces of Kanawa Corporation from Asiatic Pan-Pacifica and Pharaoh Mobius’ Nile Empire are converging on a point in Seattle for some nefarious reason.  A party of Storm Knights have been directed to investigate and foils the plans of the High Lords.  This is from the Kickstarter Delphi Missions: Living Land for Torg Eternity’s Living Land Sourcebook release and is geared for players familiar with the game.  The mechanics will not be taught, but some coaching in the system itself for those slightly familiar with the game may take place.  Author Credit: Miranda Horner.