Required Experience:
Game Master:
Paul Ott
4 hrs
Mart Building 1, Floor 2, South
Start Times:
Sat 11:00 AM
Drop by for a chance to play the new board game DEATH'S DOOR and meet the designer behind this brutal, semi-cooperative dungeon crawl experience. 

In the future, archaeologists around the world discover secret staircases within the ancient pyramids. At the bottom of the hundred thousand dusty steps are doors. Anyone who opens a door is never heard from again. Whispered rumors speak of lost treasure, primeval technology, and strange magic mutating people into creatures of legend and lore. Famous, powerfully driven adventurers find themselves drawn into this fantasy world as they arrive to bravely knock on DEATH’S DOOR.

Each player in DEATH’S DOOR has their own unique ways of gaining points centered around themes like exploring, killing, healing, or looting. You win by completing the objectives described on your Story card and preventing other players from completing theirs. You must combine strategy, tactics, and diplomacy as you place and open dungeons, discover dangers, and gather powerful treasure.

Players start in different parts of the dungeon, and place tiles with a hex grid to create the board. You choose whether to join forces or fight solo. Lairs, with more monsters and a lair boss, are challenging and require multiple party members working together. The Final Boss is very difficult to defeat. The game ends when the Final Boss dies (everyone wins), or when there is one player left alive (highest score wins).

A simple yet dynamic attribute mechanism defines the ability of players and monsters to engage the world. They describe how everyone attacks, defends, and acts. Taken together, they represent the health of the character. As you get bonuses to these attributes, you become more powerful. As you take damage, you become weaker. If all three attributes drop to one, the character is dead.

With only a dozen or so pages of rules and two to three hours of play time, DEATH'S DOOR is designed to deliver RPG depth that can be still picked up and played to completion in one sitting. For 1-4 players (up to 6 with the expansion) aged 12+.