Required Experience:
Game Master:
5 hrs
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM

It is our honor to invite you to the 57th Republic Victory Gala, a celebration for the ages!

Come celebrate the heroes of the Southern Wylds as they enter Republic borders for the first time. Through their gallantry and unity they have vanquished a great evil – Ionoc the Blighted. These heroes are not our Commanders, but instead a ragtag group of heroic new arrivals from other worlds. The victory of the newcomers against Ionoc the Blighted struck a chord with the people of the Republic of Anduine, and we wish to honor their heroic success. Join us in welcoming these valiant warriors into our great nation with open arms for a party of merriment and celebration. As a special guest, the Colonial Services Board has acquired the vocal talents of The Canary, the Republic’s most famous performer.

The 57th Republic Victory Gala is Garden of Destiny’s third event of our Year Zero playtest. Characters may attend to see what the Grand Republic of Anduine has to offer, including drink, entertainment, and political intrigue.

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