Required Experience:
Game Master:
Campaign Staff
2 hrs
Atlanta's Mart 1st Floor
Start Times:
Fri 9:00 AM, Fri 11:00 AM, Fri 1:00 PM, Fri 3:00 PM, Fri 5:00 PM, Fri 7:00 PM, Fri 9:00 PM, Sat 9:00 AM, Sat 11:00 AM, Sat 1:00 PM, Sat 3:00 PM, Sat 5:00 PM, Sat 7:00 PM, Sun 9:00 AM, Sun 11:00 AM, Sun 7:00 PM, Sun 9:00 PM, Mon 9:00 AM, Mon 11:00 AM, Mon 1:00 PM, Mon 3:00 PM, Sun 1:00 PM

A D&D Adventurers League Event for Characters of levels 1-4
This is a two-hour introduction to D&D. Each adventure will be different content, so you are welcome to come back and play this up to 5 times. New characters and players are welcome. Pregenerated characters, campaign documentation, and dice are provided. About three of these adventures will provide enough XP to get to 2nd level, and about 6 more of these adventures will provide enough XP to get to 3rd level. This adventure is part of the “Elmwood” series of convention created content adventures written by local authors and is being premiered for the first time ever at DragonCon 2017.