Required Experience:
Game Master:
Campaign Staff
5 hrs
Atlanta Mart 1 - 1st Floor
Start Times:
Sun 2:00 PM

A D&D Adventurers League Event for Characters of levels 1-4
Pirates! Dastardly ne'er-do-wells have been spotted just outside of the harbor! Not content with scratching a living off of the rich port city's scraps, pirates are making for the city by land and sea. But Port Nyanzaru is far from defenseless; pick up a spear, climb aboard a dinosaur, or man the wall; but whatever you do, don't let those rapscallions into the city! This is a four-hour introduction to D&D. New characters and players are welcome. Pregenerated characters, campaign documentation, and dice are provided. This is a special interactive high risk/high reward adventure that is only available at a few select conventions and that is premiering at DragonCon.