Required Experience:
Game Master:
Campaign Staff
5 hrs
Atlanta's Mart 1st Floor
Start Times:
Fri 9:00 AM, Sun 9:00 AM

A D&D Adventurers League Event for Characters of levels 11-16
While attending the first annual Reclamation Day Festival in Phlan, a mysterious book is given to the adventurers, leading them to what appears to be an abandoned print shop west of the city. There they meet a would-be benefactor, who seeks their help in ridding the southern ruins of Zhentil Keep of a growing threat, the Ebon Tide, a group of mercenaries and bandits that are quickly becoming the scourge of the Moonsea. This adventure premiered at Origins, and we are the only other convention that is allowed to run it before it is publicly available. This adventure is not suitable for new characters or players. You must have a character that you have played up to 11th level in order to participate in this event.