Required Experience:
Game Master:
Campaign Staff
5 hrs
Atlanta's Mart 1st Floor
Start Times:
Fri 2:00 PM, Sat 9:00 AM, Mon 9:00 AM

A D&D Adventurers League Event for Characters of levels 5-10
Zora Culkin has been kidnapped - and it looks like the people of Elmwood are responsible! Cunning heroes are needed to discover what really happened before the military might of Mulmaster can be brought to bear on the small town of Elmwood. A 4-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters This adventure is part of the “Elmwood” series of convention created content adventures written by local authors and is being premiered for the first time ever at DragonCon 2017. This adventure is not suitable for new characters or players. You must have a character that you have played up to 5th level in order to participate in this event.