Required Experience:
Game Master:
Campaign Staff
5 hrs
Atlanta's Mart 1st Floor
Start Times:
Fri 9:00 AM, Sat 9:00 AM

A D&D Adventurers League Event for Characters of levels 5-10
When a series of grisly murders and raids on farms and fishing boats comes to light, accompanied by a strange fog, the people of Elmwood need heroes to investigate and stop the attacks. There is hardly anyone in the Moonsea who's life hasn't been touched by one of the tragedies over the past years, and these attacks may have deeper causes than anyone knows. This adventure is part of the “Elmwood” series of convention created content adventures written by local authors. This adventure is not suitable for new characters or players. You must have a character that you have played up to 5th level in order to participate in this event.