Required Experience:
Game Master:
John Harding
4 hrs
Mart Floor 1, Non Campaign Hallway
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM

“…The pirates have been using the large estuary as a base for years.  The trackless waterways and fens of the Five Rivers Delta offer ample escape routes for their ships.  Their knowledge of this tidal region is second to none. 

This knowledge makes them indispensable for launching your final assault on the Overlord’s island stronghold.  Only they have the skill to navigate your ships through the shoals that surround the fortress.  To gain their help, you must gain their trust.  Can you find them and win them over in time?”


Tides of War II:  Lords of the Tide takes place on the shallow waters and fetid swamps of the Five Rivers Delta.  Set in a humid, sweltering estuary, this adventure is equal parts melee & (bad) roleplaying.  Players are encouraged to create their own characters they think will best defeat the module.  (See Character Generation Rules below)  Pre-Gens available to those short on time.  This module is part of the Tides of War-GOOD track and can be played alone or as part of the weekend series.  Award for best player.


 Adult Themes; Adult Language


Character Generation Rules

1)   All classes, feats and skills must come from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.  Basic character traits from the Pathfinder Character Traits Web Enhancement are also allowed.  Any deviations will result in disqualification.

2)  Characters must have a total of no more than six levels/hit dice.  All character classes are allowed.  Any alignment allowed.  Ability scores are generated using the purchase method outlined on page 15, PCR.  Characters have 20 ability score points available for allocation (High Fantasy).  Hit points are 65% of maximum.  Players wishing to roll their hit points instead may do so at time of game.

3)  Characters must be one of the following races:  Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc, Halfling, Human

4)  Characters have 12,000 gp for magical & mundane items.  Poisons are allowed.  Cursed magic items are not allowed.

5)  No scroll spells above 3rd level.  No potions, wands or scrolls above CL 6.

6)  No precast spells.

7)  This is an entirely water/swamp borne adventure.  Fighters should factor their choice of arms and armor against potential swim checks.  Spell casters should keep in mind that spellbooks & scrolls absolutely do not mix with seawater.

8)  Players engaging in cheating, poor sportsmanship or felony assholery will be summarily ejected.  No warnings will be given.

9)  Banned Items/Feats: Candle of Invocation, Dust of Disappearance, Using Craft Wondrous Item to create ½ priced magic items.

10)  Character sheets may reside on laptops, tablets, ereaders or smart phones.   HeroLab characters are preferred.  Players MUST have enough of a charge in the device to last the entire game as charging stations will not be provided.  All players MUST use real (not virtual) dice.