Required Experience:
Game Master:
John Harding
4 hrs
Mart Floor 1, Non Campaign Hallway
Start Times:
Sat 1:00 PM

“The vermin didn’t expect any of the fleet to make it through the storm.  You were able to land the last of your forces on the beach without detection.  Now, you are faced with an uphill slough through the sand dunes to reach to gates of the fortress.  Luckily there is more to this tactic than a frontal assault.  The troop ship, Marinus, has managed to get in to a position to provide artillery support with her catapults.  With this two pronged attack you stand a real chance of breaching the evil stronghold and ending this once and for all….”


Tides of War II:  The Final Solution (Good) is the culmination of the Tides of War II Good and Evil tracks.  The two tracks collide in a final battle on an island in the sweltering Five Rivers estuary.  Good Players will have to mount an attack against a fortified stronghold defended by Evil players.  Take the fortress; win the war.

This game is a PvP (player verses player) grand melee event.  Battle will be conducted on a large terrain map complete with scale models.  All materials provided.   Awards for two best players.

 8 hours

 Adult Themes; Adult Language