Required Experience:
Game Master:
Jim Canup
4 hrs
Mart Floor 1, Non Campaign Hallway
Start Times:
Sat 1:00 PM, Sat 6:00 PM
The World of Eadrios - Part 2 or 4

Three Gods have been slain in the last year; all from the Progeny of Qahena.  Your group of unlikely heroes have stumbled upon a clue to who may be behind the assassinations.  Will they be able to avoid those hunting them and safely deliver the evidence to Tir Virian in the Free City of Morduno? Failure to do so, will cost thousands of lives.  

The World of Eadrios is a new campaign setting in development by Drunken Uraak Productions.  It is a young, Bronze Age world, where the gods live among mortals and interact with them daily.

Player feedback from this adventure will help shape the final product.  Players who participate and complete the online feedback form, will have their names listed as play-testers in the book’s credits.  They will also receive a free PDF copy of the World of Eadrios Campaign Setting when it is released.

Pre-generated characters will be provided for this adventure.  Experienced players preferred.