Required Experience:
Game Master:
Will Geddings
4 hrs
Mart Floor 1, Non Campaign Hallway
Start Times:
Fri 9:00 AM, Sun 1:00 PM
They say the life of an adventurer is never quiet, and having just stopped your 4th group of dragon cultists from performing their virgin sacrifice this month the party has really been looking forward to a break in the action. Having finally made it back to a rather large Elven village this definitely seems like a good time for it. Unfortunately as you walk into the tavern a little bear club runs up to you yelling in common for help. He says that he is actually a sell-sword hired to kill an evil wizard in his tower not too far from town. During the battle the wizard transformed him into a bear cub and left him for dead. He promises all the reward money, magical items, and loot in the tower is yours if you can find a way to turn him back into a human and kill the wizard. The wizard's wand should have the power to reverse the spell.