Required Experience:
Game Master:
Stephen Thompson
4 hrs
Mart Floor 1, Non Campaign Hallway
Start Times:
Sat 9:00 AM, Sun 1:00 PM

The modern world drew its last breath while humanity droned futile prayers in hollow, halogen-lit temples, studiously avoiding the hungry eyes of their discarded gods on the sidewalk outside, hands outstretched, desperate for change. The four riders who brought the apocalypse served neither Heaven nor Hell. They brought neither famine nor fire, but a flood of primal magic that tore down steel and concrete with roots and branches.


The survivors cowered among the fallen buildings, surrounded by primeval forest stalked by creatures of legend. Desperate, they prayed for salvation; they prayed to you. Flooded with belief and newfound power, you thought you could save them - at first. But as the riders reveal their true purpose, you might not even manage to save yourselves.


This is one of two stand-alone urban fantasy modules revolving around a single cast of customizable demigods thrust into the spotlight when the modern world is plunged into chaos, prompting mankind to reach for the divine. The setting will feel familiar to fans of Supernatural, Hunter: The Reckoning, and readers of Kevin Hearne, or Jim Butcher. No experience with the Fate* system is necessary, but a passion for urban fantasy will definitely help.


*Fate is a system that embraces cooperative storytelling, and players can reshape the entire plot with a declaration, a die roll, or a Fate point.