Required Experience:
Game Master:
Scott Kuban , Matthew Malis
4 hrs
Start Times:
Fri 1:00 PM, Sun 1:00 PM
Headcanon Games, founded by Scott Kuban, Matthew Malis, and Nigel O’Rear, is a four-year old game development studio in Georgia.  Our flagship product is SubNet, a tabletop RPG set in an digital fantasy world where our free thinking player characters must fight against the oppressive corporate machine or mankind will never reach it's true potential within the coming Singularity. It’s our love letter to the cyberpunk genre, and draws inspiration from numerous sources, what we consider to be the best examples of the genre.  We’ve been developing SubNet since 2012, and running a playtest at Dragon*Con has been one of our goals since the game’s inception.  We relish the opportunity to share our vision of the future with you, and get your feedback on our game.  Our primary goal is twofold: we want to spread the word about our game to the world, and we want constructive criticism about our game.  It’s gone through the crucible a few times between us and our closest friends, and we feel the time is right to expand the circle of playtesters.