Required Experience:
Game Master:
Chris Dailey
4 hrs
Start Times:
Sat 10:00 PM, Fri 10:00 PM
Another 10,000 years have passed and the great contest looms again. At the center of the planes, where all worlds converge, the King of Rock stands high in his obsidian tower watching the passage of time with indifference. He cares only for the coming struggle. The imminent battles of the bands where creatures from all corners of creation will rock, and jam, and party until one mighty group reigns supreme. But who? Who will shred the hardest and stand boldly above the rest? Who will win the ultimate battle of the bands and prove worthy of the title? Who will be …….. THE BEST F****** BAND IN THE UNIVERSE?!?!

Uses a very simplified version of 5E. Premade characters will be provided.