Required Experience:
Game Master:
Rebecca Cherney
4 hrs
Start Times:
Mon 1:00 PM, Sun 9:00 AM, Sat 6:00 PM
Looking for a beginner RPG? Want to be a criminal bear wearing a hat? Want to eat honey and pretend to be a human? What do you mean no- it's Honey Heist! 

An easy to set up and play role playing game where you'll never get the same scenario twice! Be a bear or honey badger working with other bears to find and steal honey and other apiarian (to do with bees) goods. But be careful, humans can spot a bear a mile away if they don't act the part, so hats and clever disguises are very useful to help fool those that would stand in your way. 

Anything a human criminal can do, you can do better, because how are they going to stop pounds of fur and muscle? Anything a bear can do- you can also do, as you're a bear. Hilarity, terrible human impressions, cowboy hats and much more await you in: Honey Heist: Unbearable Chaos