Required Experience:
Game Master:
Christopher Landauer / David Boop
4 hrs
Start Times:
Fri 6:00 PM
The Original Comedic Paranormal Investigations RPG, Bureau 13: Stalking the Night Fantastic makes its triumphant debut in a Savage Worlds adaptation! Once, they were the beacon of light against the darkness of the world. Spoken of only is whispers, Bureau has been around since the Civil War fighting to contain supernatural evil and keep the unsuspecting public safe. This adventure takes players back to the early days of the agency before the Massacre of '77 and the agency had to go underground. This is the agency at its prime, when they had money, and coffee service, and high tech equipment (by those days standards, anyway.) Your team will be tasked with containing an evil so vile, so dangerous, we dare not speak of it (Well, except to give your assignment. Otherwise, how would you know what to fight?) All levels of experience are welcome. Previous Savage Worlds experience welcomed, but not required. Plus, the B13 Kickstarter begins Friday, September 13th, and we'll have swag, bonuses, and un-redacted information for players!